Skilled workers are in demand in Australia. You may apply as an independent overseas worker or be sponsored by an Australian employer.

Apply for permanent residency and join your partner and other family members in Australia. This can be your pathway towards getting an Australian citizenship.

Study in  Australia and get one of the highest quality education in the world. You may also train or work temporarily to enhance your skills after completing your course.


AIM International Migration

AIM is an expert in providing complete, accurate and up-to-date advice on visa and migration solutions. AIM will guide you through the complex immigration process and ensure that your best interests are prioritised and well protected under the law.

We will help you realise your dreams. AIM for a better life!

Australian Visas

Work Visa

Skilled workers are in demand in Australia. They can apply for visas independently or be sponsored by Australian employers.

Partner Visa

If you have an Australian fiancé, partner or spouse, you may apply for a prospective marriage visa or a partner visa.

Family Visa

A wide-range of visas are available to family members of Australians including parent visa, child visa and remaining relative visa.

Student Visa

Australia is home to some of the best universities in the world. Students may also apply for a temporary work visa to enhance their skills after graduation.

Investor Visa

This visa allows entrepreneurs to invest, conduct business, and live in Australia with their families.


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